Letter of gratitude


This morning I woke up feeling grateful, for so many things, big, and small. I woke up hearing voices of humans in our complex, birds chirping away in the trees – Gucci and Josh snoring, I still have my hearing. I saw Kenny, who jumps on top of us seconds before the alarm goes off, I still have my sight! I can jump out of the bed full of energy and life, I still have my ability of movement and I still have good health.

But wait, there is more…

I have a roof over my head, a comfortable bed, food to make breakfast and last night, a full tummy from dinner. I have a small beautiful garden to enjoy breakfast with a cool breeze on my shoulders and a bit of Vitamin D stroking my cheeks thanks to our gorgeous sun, with a few drops of precious rain! These are the small, yet, such big things that we take for granted which I know many don’t have. I’m actually very fortunate, it’s embarrassing to think I take most of these things for granted on so many days. Do I even realise how little some have?

We have internet, I have airtime and speak to my friends, family, clients and prospects on a daily basis. We have so many risking their lives as our Special Humans in Special Services! I have a husband, who is far from perfect, yet so perfect for me. Probably the one person that although we spend so much time together even before lock down, working together from home, laughing together, entertaining and irritating each other daily. I would not even think twice to spend another 3 hours in a bubble bath with. In think in our home daily, we share more laughter than a full season of Big Bang Theory!

Here is the deal, as a serial entrepreneur we are sh!t scared, let’s just be honest for a second, we don’t know what the future hold. How this, how that, the stress associated with our current world is incredibly scary and overwhelming. That is the reality, life is not fair – so who are we to demand fairness. We have not shown any kindness to the planet we live on; most decisions made out of greed and not sincerity. Are we really that surprised that she is only showing us the middle finger now? WOW we haven’t deserved her at all.

How we did things in the past is not sustainable! The world as we knew it will never be the same again… maybe that is not a bad thing, time will tell. I get to launch my new movement – Brand and Concept on Thursday during Lock Down and I am filled with gratitude for internet and global communication. How on earth did people make it out of WWW’s – how did the successful post war even know what the world needed? We have more tools, we are connected!