About US

Who are we?

“In today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility, that’s it.” 
– Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder –

Our founder, Jenny, honed her skills in the budding universe of digital possibilities when we still connected to the Internet with ‘handshakes’.

Before Google, YouTube and any form of social media. It sounds impossible that we lived and did business in such a universe. What was impossible was getting any return on investment on the budget allocated to online marketing. The most time spent ‘on-line’, was to make that elusive connection to send that brand new form of communication: The E-mail.

Today’s commercial landscape has shifted on a tectonic scale. To know you have a subject matter expert that studied and tested this landscape for the past 15 years not only makes sense but also brings enormous peace of mind. Coupled with that is a burning passion for closing the deal, insight as one of the leaders in soft skills training in South Africa with superior presentation skills and rounded off by strategic insight and follow through to present an authentic brand voice. All these elements are crucial in driving digital traffic to your digital doorstep.

Jenny heads up a team of fellow experts that understand your business functions within an ecosystem, a value chain that has responsibilities and opportunities. From in-depth business strategy, brand development and management, marketing, digital marketing, stakeholder engagement, and community management, sales strategy, training, and sales training, we will ensure a 360-degree service. Our vision is to assist organisations to unleash their full potential in the digital world with customised strategies, systematic implementation, and measurable outcomes.

Your brand’s digital presence directly influences your success in generating leads and closing deals. Click here for more info Our years of cumulative expertise will benefit your organisation, even if you just need one element of our insight. In short, you cannot miss out on the benefits of having one of our subject matter experts on your team.

Why us?

Apart from insight and expertise, we offer a no-obligation first consultation. Sounds to be good to be true? Connect and let’s meet. You will benefit from our magical mix of analytical thinking; creative genius and strategic insight from the word go!

How do we do what we do?

Yes – there is a secret recipe. But the secret is in how it is applied. While our vision is to help you reverse engineer your sales and marketing strategies to be aligned with the best option for your industry in the digital era, we follow a formula to ensure outcomes.

Our Alchemy[4]Growth Formula combines many lessons learned and theories and models adapted into a digestible and, more importantly, implementable roadmap towards success. Each step is formulated around strategy and maximum ROI with a demand-led attitude, customer centred and bespoke.
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What’s more, although the full spectrum yields the best results, we do offer individual services that will complement your current activities.
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