Digital Marketing

“The great thing about digital marketing; ingenuity and creativity can always win over big marketing budgets.”
– Ann Smarty –

Welcome to the age of digitization

Try operating one day without your smart device and you will be convinced about the integrated nature of the digital reflection of our physical world. For a business, digital marketing is the fuel that drives the engine. You can build the perfect rocket, that will get your customers to Mars and back, but without the fuel, you will not get lift-off. Ensure that the time spent on creating an incredible solution does not go to waste.

Having a stunning website and perfect online presence will help you nothing. If you ignore digital marketing, you are invisible to the world.

Digital Marketing is the final step to lead your clients to you. There are two basic categories:

1. Organic Traffic

This is you are ranked on search engines or social media without paying anything. It is often referred to as SEO (search engine optimisation) on search engines, Native Advertising, blogging of social platforms. We offer SEO solutions for both onsite and offsite (website) categories for serious clients. We find too often that a company is paying between R1500 and R2000 per month for SEO and they have no idea of what they are getting or what they have achieved. As the descriptor ‘organic’ indicates, SEO is a growing, developing process; it does not bring loads of traffic over night, it takes time to grow.

Our solutions are high-end, we have specific goals and objectives that drive our activities: Monthly and annually.

We measure:




Ranking per key-word


Conversions to actual ROI

So if you now understand the importance of measured results on Google and other search engines, let’s chat about the strategy that will work for you.

2. Paid Digital Marketing

We offer paid campaigns on search engines like Google as well as Social Media platforms. Your campaign depends on what you want to achieve and how your ideal clients will find you on-line.
“Search Ads” are a functionality of Google AdWords. With this option, you pay per click to appear on the first page of Google or YouTube when your products or services are searched Think about it for a minute…in the age of the Yellow Pages, it would be like magically appearing on a page while a client is paging through looking for a specific service or product.
Display Marketing is where visual ads find you when you are browsing your favourite websites like News24 or similar sites. The magic behind this is knowing your ideal client and their behaviour. It is all down to people knowledge.

Sounds like Greek? It is just a new, more direct form of advertising to a very captive audience. If the right clients can find you, your sales staff can potentially engage with double the amount of clients needing what you offer…instead of cold calling. Call us and we’ll explain the best route for your company.