Web Design

“A good website means good business”.

Why pay someone to design your website when you can do it yourself? Simply because you can have a pretty website that nobody ever goes to and all your hard work goes to complete waste. We specialise in bespoke website development in WordPress and WooCommerce and have more than 8 years of website development experience.

We focus design on three major factor with one shared goal in mind, fantastic user experience that results in response and engagement.


Never underestimates what this colossal search engine wants. For your ideal client to be able to find you, you have to give the search engine the info it needs. Then your product or service will be ranked and positioned on a figurative top-shelf, ready to be noticed. So keeping Google happy has a direct impact on your bottom line. Our goals are to push as much “organic traffic” to your website as possible. (In English, we want to help you get as many visitors as possible to your site without having to pay Google for traffic. Ranking you organically/naturally on Search Engines)

You main objectives

  • What do you want the website to do for you?
  • What do you want the potential client to do once they are on your website? (well that is a good start _ reverse engineer).
  • If you don’t know or haven’t given this some thought – how will your client know what you want them to do?
  • Is the website a; Sales tool, Lead generation tool or, Information hub for existing clients, Establishing credibility or a combination of all?
  • How do you want your business to be perceived, how do you want your business to look to the world without one single phone call or email?
  • Who are your clients? What do they need or what and which of those are your top-of-the whish-list clients? How do we grab their attention?

Website Copy

Website designers look at SEO, logical flow of information and the best way to give you a visual presence. A wordsmith gives you an eloquent voice, more so, they provide one paragraph that will entice visitors to read further, stay longer and engage. It is their job to provide concise and comprehensive language to compliment the design work to present a professional, dynamic and competitive image. Building a relationship with a good copy-writer is not only important for how you look and how fast you engage a visitor, but it is also imperative for Google. Good copy can be the difference between number 1 or page 2 on a search. A page 2 ranking is similar to being the invisible man (or woman)…it’s incredible how they won’t see you. (Compliments to Freddy Mercury)