Social Media

Social Media is here; it’s not going away, not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in Social Media!
– Lori Ruff –

Ah, can’t live with it, can’t live without

Social Media is not actually media, it is a way to listen, engage and build relationships. That being said, it can be acutely overwhelming. Where do I start? Where should I be? What should I say? How do I protect myself? How often do I post?

The good news is we are here for you! We have many different options that can help you define a strategy that works for your business in your specific industry. You need to speak to your people where they are. One size does not fit all and we believe you need a unique strategy that works for YOU!

This should be a strategy that:

Delivers your unique objective.

You can cope with: Manage without it interfering with the running of your business. (E.g. you still have to help the customer that walks in and answers the phone. Creating the perfect post on Facebook should never interfere with business operations.)

You can financially cope with: We can create “stunning social content” that costs you an arm and a leg (up to R20 000 per month). Will it bring in new customers immediately? Content doesn’t always bring traffic, it is a longer-term strategy and depends on your focus and industry.

A strategy that makes logical sense: Relevant to your bigger picture. What time and recourses should I allocate? Where do most of my clients come from? What is the relevant allocation for my business phase? Maybe it is not social media at all but call centre management. Each business is unique, therefore you cannot do business by blindly following your favourite online business guru.

We consult to help you define the ideal strategy, and then we help you implement it

Some of our services include:

Overall strategy

Choosing the correct platforms, the correct number and the right platforms for your stakeholders

Compelling content creation


Community management

Traffic generation through native strategies

Paid traffic campaigns