A few words from our Founder as we launch Evolv


Wow! –The last couple of weeks have shown us just how fast things can change!
Who moved my cheese is so two decades ago…

Present-day – Who stole my cheese, the production of my cheese? They stole my clients and even poached my staff. In less than a week, is that even possible?

Life as we knew it changed overnight, it might even be a good thing, time will tell. The reality is, now more than ever, we have to relook how we do what we do. How will this change each person? How will this change business as unusual? Some businesses lost their entire revenue stream in one week. Many will have to reinvent as businesses. Many will have no choice but to scale down. It’s scary and very overwhelming. In the same breath, true growth comes from drastic change. As the human race, we’ve been through a lot, and yet we are still here. One of the most fascinating things in our present situation is the gift of time. That it took a global epidemic to slow us down, instantly! What price would you have paid for more time last year?

The gift we have now is time! The opportunity rethink everything we do, and how we do it.

We have to adapt, and strategically adapt!

The world as we knew it, will quite possibly never be the same. We can’t have the same strategy, it suddenly is not relevant to this world. How will you adapt? What does the present world need from you? What will the world need from you post-pandemic? I am thrilled with excitement to launch Evolv, now. I am overwhelmed to be in a position to help brands and organisations map their future! I am also looking for ideas and open to exploring ways in which we can help small businesses

keep doors open with as many staff employed as possible. These are devastating and interesting times, that’s no lie. I do have a feeling that if we stand together, we can be better and do some good. Now more than ever, I want to connect with you. Let’s chat and catch up, share thoughts and views about the good, fresh and new energy that will come from this cleanse. This is though, traumatic and devastating to many.

It’s not easy… Will you toughen up and adapt to unleash potential you didn’t even know you had in you? It’s a choice, it’s your choice! Every action, every thought, every act of kindness is a choice, what do you choose today?

Evolv is here to help you adapt your strategy and unleash new potential that is relevant to this
new world!

Good energy and positive thoughts to everyone.
Jenny Morton | Evolv