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Alchemy[4]Growth Formula

“Evolution is the secret for the next step!”
– Karl Lagerfeld –

Formula Overview

More and more suppliers are reviewed and appointed by digital reference and proposal without one face-to-face meeting or one phone call.

Can you compete with a start-up working from their mom’s garage but with an impressive on-line presence?

In the vast possibilities of the digital age, there are many routes to success. But we are competing in an atmosphere of superfast development and don’t have the luxury to leisurely explore options.

Evolv has designed a solution that makes the reverse engineering of your existing sales and marketing strategy not only a possibility but also a systematic approach with a measurable outcome. (Demonstrating your long track record and that you are not operating from your mom’s garage.)

No two industries are the same and no two organisations are the same, therefore it is critical to understand your brand voice, your differentiated offering, and your ideal customer. In order not to fall into the trap of analysis paralysis and FOBO (fear of the better option) we bring you a formula that can be applied in any environment because it is simple and agile, internalising your unique offering and needs.

We offer you a 360-degree revision and demand-led design; from how you digitally project your brand and offer, you’re prospecting process, pre-sales and sales, closing the deal and cross-selling.

We don’t mind sharing our steps and what it entails. The proof is in the expert insight and implementation.

Let’s dive into the four steps that will differentiate your company:

1. Analyse

Asking questions to understand where you are and where you need to go.


What am I projecting to the world? How do clients and competitors perceive me?


What is my “ideal projection” how does that differ from my current reality?


Who are my clients? Deep dive into different layers and customer types; ideal, bread and butter, mammoth


Who are my clients? Deep dive into different layers and customer types; ideal, bread and butter, mammoth


What do my clients want and need?


What is the procurement process of my ideal clients?


Who are my competitors, all the competition? (Digital and Traditional)


How can I attract more ideal prospects and convert more into paying clients?


Are your sales process and strategy relevant in today’s digital world?

The key is to understand the digital landscape you are competing in; traditional non-competitors might now be undermining your market share in ways you where unaware. By analysing your current sales strategy and leads generation engine and comparing that with the behaviour of your ideal client, we can point out how you can be more relevant, effective and successful in your sales process. Wouldn’t it make perfect sense to have your team focussing on closing deals instead of cold calling for example?

You have little time to make an impression in the digital world; can you compete with what is out there? More importantly, do you offer a cutting edge solution in your highly competitive industry?

2. Innovate

Analysis means nothing without application and sense-making, crafted for your context.


Identify and recreate your digital footprint


Look at what you are projecting to the world


Ensuring you become a shapeshifter in your industry


Innovating your sales process – from prospecting, lead generation to converting into paying clients, this is re-arranging the nuts and bolts of the process to produce the desired outcomes


Revising each communication with all stakeholders, especially potential clients. This includes emails, first contact, proposals and SLA’s


Work with someone that can give your brand a voice that will resonate and ensure reaction. It is very hard to write about your own business, you need expert copy-writer that takes the time to craft an authentic image of your company, tying in strategic objectives, passion for your business and empathy for your stakeholders


A well-written and engaging subject line will prompt a receiver to open an email or flag it as spam. In an over communicated world, clear, simple and relevant written communication is crucial to get through to your prospective client. Combined with absolute strategic relevance your written communication can be one of the greatest assets in your pre-sales process

RESULT: A digital makeover that reflects your vision, track record, and differentiated offer.

3. Implement

Many a well-thought-out strategy gathers dust on a shelf because buy-in and implementation were too hard. Or the business of running a business took preference to implementing a growth strategy.

Launch your revised digital footprint

Conduct tailored sales training aligned to complement digital strategy

Share your vision and revised sales process and strategy

Provide the tool-kit for your team: Documentation, templates, and processes

Launch lead generation and prospecting strategy

Guide your team to set them up for success

Continuous coaching and up-skilling of your team

Launch digital communication strategy to existing clients

Ensure everyone is geared and coached on implementation, make the most out of every opportunity!

4. Evolve

The first rule of life is that nothing goes according to plan. Therefore a plan needs to be agile and adaptable. It is a dynamic, growing and evolving thing. The secret in evolution is not to be the fittest or the strongest, but being the most adaptable. The purpose of the last step is to acknowledge each win, no matter how small and review lessons learned to adapt for better results and continuous improvement.

We measure results closely and look at all statistics from website traffic to opportunities lost and won. We keep a close eye on our competitors and help you with BI reporting to ensure objectives are met and ROI is achieved!
At this point, your Ideal Client should find you and like what they see. Your Sales Team should be converting more clients in fewer opportunities! From here on it is upselling and cross-selling.